WINNER Mino’s Little Sister Will Be A Contestant On An Upcoming Dating Show

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WINNER member Mino‘s (also known as Song Minho) little sister is making news after it was reported she would be a contestant on a dating show.

Mino | @realllllmino/Instagram

Streaming platform Coupang Play revealed a poster for their upcoming dating show, Workplace Romance (translated title). According to reports on October 27, Mino’s little sister Song Dana would be a contestant on the dating show.

Poster for Working Place | Coupang Play

A poster was released on October 27, revealing the identities of the contestants. Among the twelve attractive contestants, Mino’s sister can be seen.

Song Dana | @ariell_dana/Instagram

Song Dana was born in 1994 and was an idol herself. She debuted with the girl group NEW.F.O in 2011, although the group disbanded a year later.

NEW. F.O. | EnterArts Global

Mino and his sister had previously made news when he and her sister appeared on MBC’s DNA Mate. At the time, Song Dana went viral for her unique visuals, with some even alleging she gave off a vibe similar to BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

| @ariell_dana/Instagram

Netizens reacted to the news that the idol’s sister would be a contestant on the upcoming dating show, with many expressing their surprise.

  • “Dana? What is she doing here? LOL.”
  • “Woah, Song Dana.”
  • “If she debuted in 2011, is she Mino’s sunbae?”
    • “No, they debuted in the same year. WINNER is Mino’s second group.”
      • “Woah.”
  • “Fake workplace romance reality show… These shows are getting more creative.”
  • “There are so many dating shows now, LOL.”
  • “Woah, Song Dana.”
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