WINNER Song Mino’s Shocking Mural Will Bring All Inner Circles To Tears

A special symbol signifying “Inner Circle” was the final touch of Mino’s masterpiece.

On JTBC’s new variety show Human Intelligence, WINNER‘s Mino put his art skills to the test and drew a mural telling his entire life story.


This is not the first time Mino has flexed his talented for drawing before, often doodling on his hit show New Journey To The West and other variety shows.


Mino was able to work his artistic inspiration, art master Kim Jung Gi to form the mural of his life.


The drawing first depicts Mino at birth, his umbilical cord tied with a mic cord that connects to a cassette player sitting beside him as he first wrote lyrics with his friends.


The drawing then morphs from when he first made music in Grade 6 with his love for basketball as a child.


Mino then drew what happened after he became a part of YG Entertainment. He drew the time he and iKON‘s Bobby had a guerilla stage at the playground in Hongdae. The drawing even featured Yang Hyun Suk himself, watching over his two proteges.


He also knew that he must include the time he performed ‘Fear’ for the first time on Show Me The Money with BIGBANG‘s Taeyang.


Following this, Kim Jung Gi drew out Mino’s studio space where Mino spends almost all of his time, creating his music and art. This year, he spent a lot of effort working on WINNER’s album and his solo album, while struggling with panic disorder – ultimately losing about 10kg (~22lbs).


Mino’s precious pet cats had to be a part of the equation as well, as they climbed Mino’s favorite flower — a blue rose which was connected to a drawing of Mino painting. This Mino represents the Mino now, who has become more peaceful.


Of course, the WINNER members Jinwoo, Seungyoon and Seunghoon had to be included in the drawing of Mino’s life.


For the finale, Mino drew a mermaid to represent his love for WINNER’s fanclub Inner Circle. Mermaid in Korean is pronounced “in-eo” which sounds similar to “Inner”.


The connected images spelled out the word, “WINNER”, signifying that Mino’s life is WINNER and everyone that supports and love WINNER.

Source: Nate Pann