Song Seung Hun says he thinks he’ll get married before So Ji Sub

In a recent interview held on KBSEntertainment Weekly, actor Song Seung Hun discusses the topic of marriage and what he would like in his ideal woman.

On January 31st, Entertainment Weekly aired their episode featuring actor Song Seung Hun where they interviewed him, and brought on the talk of marriage, ideal woman, and even his past when he was a student in school.

When asked about marriage, the interviewer brought up the question as to who he think would get married first between him and his good friend and actor So Ji Sub. The actor then answered that he thinks he would be the one to tie the knot first out of the two, further stating, “So Ji Sub is the type to have that, ‘is marriage something you must do?’ reaction, and because of that reason I think I will marry quicker than Ji Sub.”  

Song Seung Hun was also asked about his ideal type, and honestly replied with, “I like a woman that is innocent but also sexy.”

During the interview the actor was questioned about his days as a student and what type of student he was during his school days. Song Seung Hun answered saying,“I was ordinary student that studied hard.”

Song Seung Hun has also been working on a film with actress Uhm Jung Hwa titled, Wonderful Nightmare, and the movie is set to hit theaters sometime this year. Wonderful Nightmare contains a plot surround an attorney who dies due to a mistake from Heaven, and must live the life of an ordinary house maid before she returns to herself. The actor will be playing the role of Uhm Jung Hwa’s character’s husband in the movie who dedicates himself to his wife and daughter, and cares for them.

Source: TV Daily