Song Seung Hun to star alongside Bruce Willis in 100 billion won Chinese war film

Recent news has confirmed that Korean actor Song Seung Hun will be starring in an upcoming Chinese war film which American actor Bruce Willis will also appear in.

A representative from the movie production said on June 2nd, “Song Seung Hun is confirmed to appear in the Chinese film ‘Da Hong Zha’ (Great Explosion).”

Set during World War II, Da Hong Zha‘s film production is estimated to be a cost of 100 billion won, or $90.5 million US dollars. That’s more than the average of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard series combined.

Song Seung Hun will take the role of a Korean fighter pilot dispatched by the U.S while Hollywood star Bruce Willis will play his military instructor.

The movie also features Chinese actors Nicholas Tse, Liu Ye, and Huang Sheng Yi.

Shooting for Da Hong Zha has already started and is slated to be released in 2016.

Source: Daily Sports