Controversial Singer Reportedly Dating Rising Actor

The actor has since responded to the rumors.

Singer Song Seung Yeon is reportedly dating actor Choi Jae Rim.

Song Seung Yeon | Nate
Choi Jae Rim | Maeil Kyungjae

On August 2, 10Asia reported that singer and musical actress Song Seung Yeon  and actor Choi Jae Rim are dating.

According to the report, an insider revealed that many in the industry are already aware of the couple’s relationship. The report also stated that the two fell in love  naturally while being colleagues.

Concert featuring Song Seung Yeon and Choi Jae Rim | Kyungbuk Cultural Center

Choi Jae Rim has since denied the allegations, but the insider reportedly stated that the actor’s denial was due to Song Seung Yeon’s recent controversies.

Recently, Song Seung Yeon has been in the news for her ties with The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il. Dubbed as the original FIFTY FIFTY, the singer has been criticized after it was revealed that she had previously sued her label before signing with Ahn Sung Il in eerily similar circumstances as the embattled idol group.

Ahn Sung Il | JoongAng Daily

Meanwhile Choi Jae Rim is a rising actor who has appeared in hit K-Dramas, Green Mother’s Club and Lies Hidden In My Garden.

Source: 10asia