Song Song Couple Looked So Perfect On Their Date, No One Could Take Their Eyes Off

IU certainly seems to be a celebrity among celebrities as even newlyweds Song Joon Ki and Song Hye Kyo attended her concert on a recent date night!

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On December 09, fans could not believe their eyes when they saw Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo walk in and sit down amidst the audience at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

Song Joong Ki recently revealed that his wife loves IU’s music, but it was certainly a surprise to see them at her concert!

According to a witness, the couple thoroughly appreciated the show, singing along to many IU’s tunes.

It was later revealed that IU actually invited both of them, as she heard that Song Hye Kyo was a big fan of hers!

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Song Hye Kyo must have really enjoyed the show, because she posted an Instagram posting after the show, using smile and heart emoticons.

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This was considered their first public outing together since the wedding in October of 2017.

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Watch the brief clip of the Song Song couple taking their seats at IU’s Concert below:

Source: Insight