The Song Triplets capture fans’ hearts with matching outfits

Song Il Gook, the father of the infamous Song triplets, recently updated his Instagram account with another photo of Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Sae

From the Instagram photo, it seems like Song Il Gook had a difficult getting his three boys to stay still and look at the camera for a quick picture. The boys seem too distracted and excited about the weather to hold still. While Dae Han (left) and Man Sae (right) is looking in the general direction of the camera, Min Guk (middle) is seen looking away to his right.

Aside from their poses, all three of the boys are wearing the same outfit: a newsboy cap, light scarf, simple top and bottom, and navy canvas shoes. Song Il Gook sure has a great sense in dressing the triplets in such fashionable clothing!

See the original post below:


오늘 오후 가을 문턱에서… 아빠와 수영하고 산책하는 길에~^^

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