Sony Pictures Announces New Animated Movie About Demon-Slaying K-Pop Girl Group

When we say they slay, we mean it literally.

Sony Pictures Animation, home of Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse, is currently working on a new animated movie surrounding a K-Pop girl group who dazzle on stage–and slay evil spirits in between shows.

| Sony Pictures Animation

The movie, titled K-Pop: Demon Hunters, will be directed by Maggie Kang and Chris Appelhans, who have worked on movies such as The Lego Ninjago Movie and Wish Dragon.

Maggie Kang is working on this movie as an homage to her Korean roots and the music she grew up with.

Having been a fan of the genre since its beginnings in the ’90s, this film is my love letter to K-Pop and my Korean roots. It encompasses and celebrates everything K-Pop is – it’s the film I would want to see as a lifelong fan and I hope the millions of K-Pop fans out there in the world will feel the same.

–Maggie Kang

K-Pop: Demon Hunters is described as being an action-adventure film, following a famous K-Pop girl group as they try to navigate their way through fame while secretly being demon-hunters. It’s said to be filled with food, fashion and music, as well as, of course, the supernatural.

I have always wanted to do a film about the power of music – to unite, bring joy, build community. K-Pop is the greatest embodiment of this in our lifetime, and we’re really excited to honor and showcase that through the lens of animation.

–Chris Appelhans

A release timeline has yet to be set, so keep your eye out!

Source: Variety