BTS’s Jimin And V’s Cuddle Session Is The Softest Thing You’ll See Today

They’re making fans wish for their own cuddle buddies.

Like the song says, BTS‘s and Jimin aren’t just “Friends”, they’re soulmates!

| V/Weverse

These 95-liners have a beautiful friendship that keeps getting stronger. Sure, they bicker and argue like any other BFFs…

…but for every sassy moment, there’s a sweet one like this…

…and this.

In Episode 4 of In the SOOP, Jimin and V started their day with a snuggle that has ARMY wishing for their own cuddle buddies. Instead of urging Jimin to get up…

…V steamrolled him. This “Winter Bear” was ready to hibernate!

He flopped around, squishing Jimin until J-Hope walked in.

As usual, their hyung was unfazed. Whenever BTS goes on vacation, J-Hope always seems to be the one who walks in on the maknaes being maknaes.

One time he found V hugging Jungkook‘s feet in his sleep!