What Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Did When Tiffany Went MIA After Saying She Was Depressed Proves Their Friendship Is Forever

Girls’ Generation is forever!

Fans of Girls’ Generation know that one of the best parts of being their fan is witnessing the member’s friendship with one another. Through the group’s ups and down, the members of Girls’ Generation are famous for being there for one another.

Recently, The members of Girls’ Generation proved once again that their friendship is for eternity.

On August 6, the Girls’ Generation members were guests on The Game Caterers.

On this day, the members played a game where they spoke about their strengths and weaknesses. During the game, member Tiffany surprised many when she confessed that she is often depressed.

Member Sooyoung then spoke up about Tiffany’s bout with depression. The member stated that there were times when she had to barge into Tiffany’s home to make sure she was okay.

Sooyoung (pictured above). From bottom left to right: Sooyoung, Yoona, Taeyeon, Tiffany | 체널 십오야/YouTube

I’ve had to barge into Tiffany’s home many times while she was asleep. There are times when she messages me that she is depressed and then is unreachable. I knew the passcode to her house, so I entered and she was always asleep. Whenever this happens, I think, ‘Wow, what should I do with her?’

— Sooyoung

Sooyoung then stated that she had once done the same thing for Hyoyeon.

| 체널 십오야/YouTube

It wasn’t anything serious, but it was a day when something happened, and I visited Hyoyeon. That day I couldn’t reach Hyoyeon. I was so shocked when I went to her home to find her bedroom locked, but it turned out she was washing.

— Hyoyeon

Tiffany then stated how thankful she was for Sooyoung. She also revealed how much she trusts her and that she has since been wary of how her actions may affect Sooyoung.

| 체널 십오야/YouTube

That is how much I can trust her and lean on her for support. I thought that I shouldn’t do this again because I was so sorry. I just texted her that because I was feeling sad, but I realized that it could ruin her day.

— Tiffany

Netizens were touched by the members’ friendship with one another.

  • “Sooyoung’s story about barging into Tiffany’s home is funny, but at the same time, it is sad. Sooyoung’s actions may be because they have had to say goodbye to so many colleagues. I love these girls because they rely on one another and get through tough times together. I hope we see them together for a long time!”
  • “I am so glad they have one another to rely on. Girls’ Generation is so cool!”
  • “It’s so sad to see someone who is so joyful like Tiffany talk like that. And the fact the members all cheered her up gave me the feels. I hope Girls’ Generation stays together!”
  • “I was shocked and sad to see Tiffany like this. I’m sure Sooyoung was so shocked, but I am so thankful she went to Tiffany. Girls’ Generation’s friendship is forever.”
  • “I was laughing until Sooyoung said she went to Tiffany, which made me cry. I think it was the fact that the members are so considerate of one another. Congratulations to the members on their 15th anniversary. All of their songs are great!”
  • “Wow, but Sooyoung is such a great friend to have. The fact that she runs to Tiffany just because she said she was depressed. This is the reason Girls’ Generation have been together this long.”

The ladies of Girls’ Generation recently made their comeback with their seventh studio album Forever 1. Check out the group’s latest single from the album “Forever 1” in the link below!

Source: 체널 십오야/YouTube

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