Here Are All The Winners and Performances from the 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards

Check out everything you missed from the 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards.

1. World Social Artist Award — BTS

“Going forward we will continue to share our everyday lives together with all of you through social media. We will become a BTS that continues to gives you happiness.”



The group performed their latest hit song, “Idol”!


2. People’s Choice Award (Netizen Popularity Award) — EXO

EXO was unable to attend the event, however, they sent in a video of their award acceptance speech.

“As our international fans personally gave us this award, this is a very meaningful award. Thank you to all the EXO-L around the world for voting for us. We love you!”



3. Hallyu Artist Award — Red Velvet

“Remember, even though we are miles apart remember you guys are always in our hearts. Again, thank you very much.”


Red Velvet sang their big songs from this year, “Bad Boy” and “Power Up.”


4. Hallyu Artist Award — MONSTA X

“First of all, the reason we were able to receive so much love from the world is because of our sunbaes who opened the road for us with their hard work. Just like this worldwide soribada (literally “music ocean”), we will become a MONSTA X who will hit [the industry] with a big wave.


The boys of MONSTA X performed this year’s hit “Jealousy”.


5. Global Entertainer Award — SNH48’s 7Senses

Trained in South Korea, 7Senses from Shanghai performed their hit “I Wanna Play”. They also hinted at a Korean release in their acceptance speech.


6. New Hallyu Music Star Award — Chungha

“To BYULHARANG. The fact that I can call your name on stage like this makes me happy. I’ll repay you by working even harder.”


Chungha performed a medley of  her number one tracks “Rollercoaster” and “Love U”.


7. New Hallyu Artist Award — UNB

“We wouldn’t be able to receive this award without UNME. We will always work hard in order to become artists that represent K-Pop and Hallyu.”


UNB showed off the title track from their latest release, “Black Heart”.


8. Rising Hot Star Award — Ahn Hyung Seob & Lee Eui Woong

“Finally, we want to thank our fans who are our driving force and confidence. We will work harder in the future, so let’s continue to be together.”

— Hyung Seob

The cute pair from Produce 101 Season 2 fame performed “Love Tint”.


9. Rising Hot Star Award — YDPP

“To our fans for making it possible for us to receive this award, thank you so much.”

— Jeong Sewoon

Also from the Produce 101 Season 2 family, YDPP made up of MXM, Jeong Sewoon, and Kwanghyun performed their unit song “Love It Live It”.


10. Icon Award — NU’EST W

“Thank you for giving us such a cool award. Thanks to our L.O.V.E. for making it possible to receive this award. We will work harder to be an artist our fans can be proud of, so please continue to love us.”

— Baekho 

The unit showed off their most recent hit, “Deja Vu”.


11. Trend Queen Award — Seo In Young

The star performed her new song “Close Your Eyes” as well as hit song “One More Time” from her Jewelry days.


12. Voice Award — Wheesung, GB9

Wheesung thanked his family, co-workers, RealSlow Company team, and his fans as well. He performed his classic hits “Heartsore Story” and “Even Thought of Marriage” and had everyone singing along.

Check out GB9‘s emotional performance of “Star” here.


13. Social Voice Award — Seo J

Seo J‘s “Try to Lie To Me” took the Korean music charts by storm, earning her the social voice award!


14. Performance Award — Samuel

“I’m so nervous I don’t know what to say but I will work hard to be an constantly maturing Samuel. Thank you!”

Samuel performed his latest hit “Teenager” at the award show as well.


15. Performance Award — DIA

DIA was also unable to attend but sent in a video to accept their award as well.

“It’s a shame we weren’t able to be there with all of you. We hope to be there next time. Thank you for giving us such a big award.”

— Yebin 


16. Producer Award — Kim Do Hoon

Kim Do Hoon is the main producer and CEO of MAMAMOO’s company, RBW Entertainment.


17. Music Video Director Award — Hong Won Ki

Hong Won Ki of ZANYBROS, directed several hit music videos this year for artists like MAMAMOO, (G)-I-DLE, Wanna One, and Bolbbalgan4. 


18. Best R&B — Crush

Crush was unable to attend and also sent a video message to his fans.

“For giving me this award, I will repay you with good and fun music.”

— Crush


19. Best Hip Hop — Winner’s Song Mino

Mino was also absent from the event and sent a quick message to thank everyone for the award.

“I heard that my fans worked very hard to vote for me. Going forward, Mino and Winner will bring you more good music. Please look forward to it! Thank you.”

— Mino


20. Best OST — Jeong Sewoon

Sewoon won the award thanks to his song “It’s You” for the drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.


21. Best Trot — Tae Jin Ah, Hong Jinyoung

Tae Jin Ah, father of trot and YMC Entertainment founder, made sure to shout-out his sons Wanna One during his performance as well.

“Everyone, Wanna One! Please love Wanna One!”

— Tae Jin Ah

Hong Jinyoung won for this year’s trot hit “Goodbye”.


22. Male Popularity Award — Wanna One

“Since we know this award by given to us by Wannable, we will work hard to be a hard-working and more mature Wanna One. Thank you!”

— Park Jihoon 

The boys of Wanna One performed “Boomerang” and latest single, “Light” for Wannable as well.


23. Female Popularity Award — MAMAMOO

Wheein had a bit of a laugh as the camera caught one particular passionate MooMoo on screen during their acceptance speech.

“We think it is an award that MooMoo, so thank you so much and we will work hard to be a Mamamoo that can repay MooMoo.”

— Moonbyul

They also performed “Egotistic” and “Starry Night”.


24. Rookie of the Year (Idol) — The Boyz

“We will always work hard to be a modest The Boyz. To The B, thank you so much for getting us this Rookie of the Year Award”.

— Sangyeon 

They also performed “Giddy Up”, showing off their rookie skills.


25. Rookie of the Year (Idol) — Stray Kids

“Before we debuted, without each other, it was a bit dark and difficult. Thanks to all of you, we no longer fear the road ahead of us. With the title of Rookie of the Year, we will thank you through good music and performances.

— Bang Chan

Stray Kids also performed the energetic song “My Pace”.


26. Rookie of the Year (Idol) — Nature

Consisting of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members, Nature showed off the pretty and powerful “Allegro Cantabile”.

“To our members, we love you a lot. Thank you to our members’ family and finally to our fans, thank you so much.”

— Nature 


27. Rookie of the Year (Band) — IZ

“Actually, tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary and since we were able to receive such a big award, we are so happy.”

— IZ

They played their song “Granulate” at the award show as well.


28. Rookie of the Year (Trot) — Kangnam

Although he debuted with hip-hop group M.I.B., Kangnam released his first trot album this year under Tae Jin Ah’s JinAh Entertainment. He performed his trot hit “You Do Well Yourself”.


29. Rookie of the Year (Trot) — Seol Ha Yoon

Former The Unit contestant Seol Ha Yoon showed why she’s the new princess of trot with “Ring My Heart”.


30. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — Wanna One

“Thanks to Wannable we were able to get this amazing award. We are thankful to Wannable for every performance we do, and will work hard. Please look forward to our next performance as well.”

— Kang Daniel 


31. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — Red Velvet

“This year especially, we were able to receive a lot of love from international fans through ‘Bad Boy’. We were able to challenge different genres thanks to our fans’ love. We will repay you through our hard work”

— Joy


32. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — NCT 127

“More than anything, thank you so much to our NCTzens who gifted us with this award. We will work hard to show you our songs and performances, in order to have more happy days like today.”


NCT 127 also performed bouncy and fun “Touch”.


33. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — NU’EST W

“Thank you to all the L.O.V.E.s around the world, without you guys none of this would be possible, so we’ll continue to work hard for you guys. We love you, thank you!”

— Aron 


34. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — MAMAMOO

“To our MooMoo who are here, and MooMoo who are watching from somewhere else — we would really like to say thank you for always cheering us on.”

— Solar 


35. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — Bolbbalgan4

“Please continue to love us, and to all our fans who support and cheer us on — we love you!”

— Ahn Jiyoung 

The adorable duo played this year’s summer vacation OST, “Vacation”.


36. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — Momoland

“This year, we received a lot of love for ‘BBoom BBoom’ and ‘Bam’ so we will work hard to repay that love.”

— Hyebin 

The ladies of Momoland performed megahit “BBoom BBoom”.


37. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — TWICE

“As well, to Wheesung sunbae-nim who composed ‘Dance The Night Away’ — we received an award! Finally, to ONCE. Congratulations! We will work hard to repay your love.”


TWICE showed off chart-toppers “What is Love” and “Dance the Night Away” at the awards.


38. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — MONSTA X

“We completed our world tour and encore concert recently. To our Monbebe who came to see us, we love you so much. We were really touched. We’re so happy that we were able to feel touched again today and we will work hard to become a MONSTA X that can repay that feeling to all you.”

— Shonwu


39. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — AOA

Thank you for giving us such a big award. To FNC Entertainment, our staff, and our loving ELVIS — thank you so much! We will work hard to be an AOA that shows only good sides to us.”

— Jimin 

They also performed the playful and fun song, “Bingle Bangle”.


40. Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) — BTS

“ARMY, there has been so many happy things happening lately right? Just like [Jin] said, thank you to all the staff who made it possible for us to stand here. Once again, thank you so much to our ARMY.”

— Jimin 


41. Song of the Year (Daesang) — TWICE

“Thanks to ONCE we were able to receive many awards. Song of the Year is especially meaningful as an artist. There have only been happy things after meeting ONCE, and so we pledge this honour to ONCE.”

— Jihyo  


42. Artist of the Year (Daesang) — BTS

“I want you to know everyone here made 7 unremarkable boys into special people…I hope we made your lives, your day just a bit more special.”

— RM 


Congratulations to all the winners on their awards!