Soribada to follow Mnet and abolish “music recommendation” on their site

Online Korean music portal Soribada will be the next to abolish their “music recommendation” option on their site following Mnet. 

Soribada announced this on November 2nd that it would abolish the music recommendation service on their website as per their customers request. “We are continuing to improve to provide the best possible service.”

One of the main reasons as to why this option will be weaned out from the site is due to the criticism that songs making it on the “music recommendation” playlist are getting a boost into their music rankings, therefore unfair to those who aren’t on that playlist. It is further reported that many agencies have attempted to get their artists’ tracks on that playlist in order for their albums to do well on the charts.

While this “music recommendation” option will not be immediately shut down, it will be weaned out as soon as they can. More details regarding this can be found through Soribada’s website and mobile application.

Just last month on October 21st, Mnet announced that it would remove its own recommendation music service on its own site as soon as possible as well as it takes steps to improve their real-time chart and avoid the attempts of sajaegi, or hoarding.

Source: Star News