Sorn Updates Fans On CLC’s Status And Opens Up About Leaving CUBE Entertainment

She clarifies the situation for Cheshires.

CLC‘s Sorn recently released her latest single, “Not A Friend,” on March 1, and to celebrate, she recently hosted a live broadcast.

Sorn held a TikTok live where she answered questions, sang her new song, and reassured Cheshire’s about the status of CLC.

(Top row, left to right) CLC’s Seunghee, Seungyeon, and Sorn (Bottom row, left to right) CLC’s Yujin, Eunbin, and Yeeun (Elkie is in China) in 2021 | @cube_clc_official/Instagram

In May 2022, CUBE Entertainment announced the termination of CLC’s U CUBE global fan services and the end of the group’s activities.

CUBE Entertainment’s lack of clarity around the situation and mishandling of the group led to backlash from Cheshires and confusion about the group’s status post-CUBE Entertainment.

In Sorn’s TikTok live, she set the record straight about the group and what led her to leave CUBE Entertainment, which she calls her “ex-company.”

The ex-company said that they didn’t want to promote us as a whole group anymore, so that’s why a bunch of [the members] started to think ‘oh, if CLC’s not going to be a thing anymore… for me, if CLC’s not going to be a thing anymore and we’re not going to promote together, then I didn’t really want to stay.

— Sorn

Sorn further explained that if she couldn’t promote with the other members, then she didn’t want to be there anymore, so that’s why she terminated her exclusive contract early.

Sorn | @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

Further clarifying the situation to Cheshires, she made fans’ day by confirming the group hasn’t disbanded.

We did not disband, we are still a thing. Right now, everyone is just doing their own thing at the moment…

— Sorn

She also clarified that CLC is seven members, heartwarmingly including member Elkie who filed to terminate her exclusive contract with CUBE Entertainment in 2020 due to poor treatment and neglect.

The song and opportunity that originally belonged to us were given to someone else and the situation felt so helpless. The 7 of us worked really hard, but the agency took away our opportunities. I think the agency was way too out of line. I feel so disappointed. CLC did not have releases frequently…sometimes it took a year to have a new song or album. When the agency said they will not give CLC any more resources, I thought there was no point for me to stay. As an artist I just wanted to meet with fans through my works. If nothing can be done, there’s nothing I can do to repay the fans, and I can’t accept that.

— Elkie’s exclusive interview with “Mingpao” in 2021

The members have remained close, though they’ve been busy with their individual activities, and Elkie returned to China.

Fans hope Sorn’s clarification is a sign that the group will reunite and make a comeback together one day.

Check out Sorn’s new song below!


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