Soulshop Entertainment and Megan Lee fail to reach agreement in second mediation

Soulshop Entertainment and rookie artist Megan Lee’s second mediation recently took place on December 19th, and the two parties have failed to reach an agreement.

Korean media portal Daily Sports was notified on the 18th, regarding the mediation meet. “Megan Lee, her mother, Kim Tae Woo and his wife will not be attending the 2nd mediating session but their legal representatives will be present instead.”

Megan Lee’s representatives stated on her behalf, “The contract is a deviation from the standardized contract and has unfair aspects. It is in every way unfair and one sided. I have no personal feeling towards Soulshop’s CEO Kim Tae Woo. The biggest reason is the unfair distribution. They should have at least been transparent if it was unfair. They, however, verbally assaulted me and refused to share the distribution details.”

On the other hand, Soulshop Entertainment said, “The claim that Megan Lee required a legal representative when signing her contract is different from the truth. On July 30th 2012, Megan Lee received her mother’s approval when signing her contract. She was underage at the time but signed with her custodian’s signature on July 30th, 2012.”

They also stated, “Soulshop Entertainment is not a private company but is a public company which opened on December 1st, 2011 by Kim Tae Woo’s father Kim Jong Ho, who still represents the company. Kim Tae Woo’s wife Kim Ae Ri was an executive member previous to Megan Lee signing with the company. Megan Lee, who possesses both American and Korean citizenship, signed under her Korean citizenship and the target of her contract is not exclusive to Korea but has an effect globally.”

On December 19th at 2PM KST, two lawyers representing the agency and one representative for the singer met at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho, though neither an official from Soulshop Entertainment or Megan Lee attended. However, neither side was able to reach to an amiable agreement, with Soulshop Entertainment’s representatives citing they have given the artist a favorable contract, while Megan Lee’s representatives claimed the contract was unreasonable.

The third mediation is set to take place next year on January 16th.

Source: Daily Sports and 10Asia