Soulshop Entertainment releases new information regarding Megan Lee’s contract

Back on November 25th, singer-songwriter Megan Lee was reported to have filed for contract nullification from her agency Soulshop Entertainment. A representative has released more information that goes against what Megan Lee has previously stated.

Through a press release delivered on the morning of November 27th, Soulshop Entertainment explained, “Megan Lee’s statement claimed she needed the consent of a legal representative [to nullify her contract] since she was a minor when signing, these claims are not true.”

They further emphasize that Megan Lee’s mother and guardian Lee Hee Jeong were present at the moment of signing the contract on July 30th, 2012.

As a private company rather than a subsidiary company, the agency continues, “Kim Tae Woo’s father, Kim Jong Ho, has been the company’s CEO since its inception on December 1st, 2011. Kim Tae Woo’s wife, Kim Ae Ri, is also the Managing Director and has been the Executive Officer since before Megan Lee signed a contract with our company.”

“As Megan Lee has dual citizenship in both America and Korea, it was agreed upon the signing of the contract that she will be promoting worldwide, including Korea.”

“We would like to apologize once more. For the lawsuits that will be proceeded from now on, we will do our level best.”

Source: TV Report