Soulshop Entertainment releases official statement regarding Megan Lee’s lawsuit

After news of Megan Lee filing a lawsuit against her current company surfaced, Soulshop Entertainment has finally released an official statement regarding the issue.

Soulshop Entertainment has spoken up and made an official statement about the contract nullification on November 27th. The agency stated, “We feel that Megan Lee’s side is deviating from the matter at hand and bringing personal emotions into the lawsuit without any confirmation or official statements to support their claim. They are, however, using the media to turn their statement into reports. We would like to start off by saying that their claims are not true, and that Soulshop has done its best for the past 6 months in order to support Megan. “

The company also added, “Even in the beginning of this month we held a meeting about her future plans, and were trying to get her to sing the original sound track for the drama Pinocchio at the end of this month. We had also planned to release her 2nd album in March after her musical. Megan Lee and her mom were both aware of this.”

Soulshop finished off stating,“We can only conclude that Megan Lee’s side is trying to nullify the contract in order to grasp the opportunity from the U.S. We will not make accusations that mark one another’s name and continue our action through legal channels from now on.”

On November 10th, Korean-American soloist Megan Lee filed for a contract nullification with her side stating that the contract was unfair on her behalf. Later it was revealed that the reason behind the lawsuit was due to the singer previously having problems with Kim Taewoo‘s wife Kim Ae Ri, and mother-in-law who is coincidentally the director of the company.

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Source: New Daily