Source Music Addresses GFRIEND Yuju’s Month-Long Disappearance

They don’t want her fans to worry.

In response to fans’ concerns, GFRIEND’s agency has released an official statement about Yuju‘s month-long absence.

No One Knows Where GFRIEND’s Yuju Is, And Fans Are Getting Worried


Fans became worried about Yuju after seeing official GFRIEND schedule for November on GFRIEND’s fancafe. According to the schedule, Yuju would not be participating in any upcoming events for the group that month. Her last scheduled event with the members took place on October 27.


At the time, some fans speculated that Yuju’s absence was due to working on “Cramming”, a collaboration with singer Yoon Jong Shin that dropped on November 9.


After the collab dropped, there was still no news of Yuju. Fans continued to worry and asked GFRIEND’s agency to release a statement about her whereabouts.


To put fans’ minds at ease, Source Music released the following statement.

“There’s nothing wrong with Yuju. We’ll be releasing an explanation for her recent departure from promotions soon.” — Source Music


Now that fans know Yuju is safe and sound, they’re hoping she’ll be back to promoting with GFRIEND soon.

Source: Segye Ilbo