Sources Say BTS Will Perform With Lil Nas X At The GRAMMYs

Looks like the rumors of BTS performing at the GRAMMYs are true after all!

Rumors of BTS performing at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards have been making the rounds for several weeks. Now, sources may have confirmed their appearance—alongside none other than Lil Nas X.


Much to fans’ dismay, BTS was not among the list of artists nominated for a GRAMMY Award this year. However, on January 8, speculation began to surface that the group would be on the list of performers instead.

While some fans were disappointed at the idea of the GRAMMYs calling on BTS to perform without nominating them, many were hopeful, since the members have previously expressed how much they’d like to perform at the show.

After BTS didn’t make it onto either of the performer lists the GRAMMYs released this month, many fans had given up hope altogether. But today, sources are suggesting that they could still make an appearance yet.

BTS with Billie Eilish, who will also be performing at the GRAMMY Awards this year.

In an interview with rapper Lil Nas X, Variety revealed that he would be performing “Old Town Road” at the GRAMMY ceremony on January 26. And much to ARMYs’ surprise, they also shared the sources say BTS will be joining him! This would make BTS the first Korean artist to ever perform at the GRAMMYs.

BTS was invited to present at the 2019 GRAMMY Awards.

In fact, sources suggest the performance will include several artists Lil Nas X collaborated with on “Old Town Road” and its remixes, including Billy Ray Cyrus and Diplo.

Last year, BTS’s RM featured on “Seoul Town Road”, the final remix of “Old Town Road”, so there’s definitely a chance that the group could be making an appearance on stage.


And this new revelation isn’t the only sign that BTS could perform at the GRAMMY ceremony—their schedule has fans wondering too. The group has two more events scheduled in the United States on the following days: “iHeartRadio LIVE” on January 27 and a performance of “Black Swan” on The Late Late Show with James Corden on January 28.

BTS react to their art film for “Black Swan”

So far, ARMYs’ reactions have been mixed. While many are excited at the prospect of BTS getting more recognition, others are disappointed at the prospect of the group not getting their own chance to shine alone on stage.

Source: Variety