South Korea receives most responses for Buzzfeed poll on male beauty standards

In a recent study by Buzzfeed on male beauty standards, South Korea surprised readers by receiving the most responses on the American news website’s poll.

In the study, participants concluded that G-Dragon, Won Bin, and the members of EXO exuded the ideal features of male beauty in Korea. In addition to the qualities of the men that readers deemed attractive, however, Buzzfeed also noted that South Korea was also incredibly popular among poll participants.

In fact, Buzzfeed announced that on their Facebook poll, South Korea received the most responses from users who were not from the country itself. This overwhelmingly large number of non-Koreans with knowledge about Korean male beauty standards is a testament to the worldwide popularity of the Korean entertainment industry, namely through music, television, and movies.

The poll shows the impressive popularity of South Korean artists, proving that Hallyu (Korean Wave) is indeed a worldwide phenomenon.

Source: Buzzfeed