South Korea’s Soccer Team Once Got Egged After Arriving In Korea, And Son Heung Min Nearly Burst In Tears

But luckily fans and netizens are rallying behind them.

The South Korean soccer team may have received a lot of love from fans around the world after their stunning defeat of the defending World Cup champions Germany, but their return home wasn’t quite as well received as you would expect.


Despite beating Germany, the team was unable to prolong their stay in Russia after finishing third in group F. While their return home was welcomed warmly, for the most part, some so-called fans weren’t happy that the team hadn’t made it farther in the game and threw eggs at the players.

Some people also threw some pillows at the players.


Son Heung Min, the forward on the team, almost got hit by one of the flying eggs and looked both stunned and upset by the situation.


Although the team definitely did not deserve to get treated that way, Song Heung Min decided to apologize to their fans for coming home.

Thank you to all of you who came today. I am sorry to our fans that we didn’t live up to our promise of reaching the knockout stage but I think we all saw some hope from the win over Germany. But we won’t get carried away with that bit of success, and we will continue to work hard.

 — Son Heung Min


But once the news of the team being egged got out, South Korean and international netizens and fans were shocked by the hateful behavior and rallied behind the players.

  • “Eggs were thrown at the Korean national team after defeating Germany 2-0 at the #WorldCup. Spurs’ forward Song Heung Min was clearly affected, repeatedly staring at the egg traces on the carpet and looking close to tears. What an absolute disgrace.”
  • “Find and kill the idiot that threw the eggs.”
  • “They beat Germany, why throw eggs?”
  • “Why throw eggs? That guy should go to the Army in Son HM’s place.”
  • “The football supporters worldwide are behind you guys. What you did in the WC win over the World Champions… I wish your supporters at home would get that!”
  • “Probably some loser that lost a bunch of money betting against Korea or something.”


With all of that love and support the team will surely reign supreme when they return to competitive action at the 2019 Asian Cup in January.

Source: ESPN and @taeguk_warrior