South Korea Welcomes Donald Trump With His Own K-Pop Concert

Donald Trump is visiting South Korea and The Blue House invited some of the most famous Korean artists to welcome him.

Donald Trump visited South Korea to discuss political matters between South Korea and the U.S.

A special welcome event will be held at the Blue House with performances by Korea’s best musicians, and everyone’s eyes are on Park Hyo Shin.

Netizens were excited to hear that Park Hyo Shin was chosen to sing during the important event.

He is set to sing “Wild Flower”, one of his most famous song that he wrote and composed himself.

“Wildflower” also gained a lot of national and international fame, with many reaction videos to his performances uploaded to Youtube.

The Blue house explained why they invited Park Hyo Shin to perform.

“‘Wild Flower’ is one of the most famous K-Pop songs, and wildflower is a flower that shows the beauty of pain and suffering.

Although there were difficulties that Korea and the U.S experienced together, we wish to overcome them and bloom together beautifully.”

– The Blue House

Although they haven’t named the other artists, other K-Pop performances will be held during the event alongside Park Hyo Shin.

Trump will undoubtedly be impressed by Park Hyo Shin’s collaboration with the beautiful orchestra, as well as the other K-Pop acts to follow!

You can listen to Park Hyo Shin’s famous “Wild Flower” below.

Source: HuffingtonPost, Dailian