South Korean Activists And Foreigners Hold Peaceful Protest In Seoul To Support The “Back Lives Matter” Movement


The “Black Lives Matter” movement has taken the world by storm ever since it started in the United States because of George Floyd‘s death in the hands of a white policeman.

George Floyd was killed on May 25 after a white officer detaining him knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes with fellow officers beside him.

This became the catalyst for people all across the world to fight against social injustice and racial inequality.

In Bangkok, for example, activists held their digital protest by displaying pictures of people wearing black, displaying their fists and explaining why they supported the “Black Lives Matter movement”.

Another protest outside of the United States happened in Seoul, South Korea, last June 6, when South Korean activists and foreign residents joined hands to hold a peaceful protest to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

People were seen holding placards and banners while doing the “kneed” motion, to let everyone remember exactly how George Floyd died in a similar manner.

When asked what their reason for protesting is, some activists gave their personal answers.

I hope we can build a world in which we can breathe. Even though we live in different countries, I think the world we want to live in is the same. We’ll work together and create a world free of discrimination.

– Lee Sanghyun, protester

I’m here to support “Black Lives Matter” because we’re sick and tired of all the racism that goes on against…especially, me, as a black person. I’m just sick and tired of what’s going on.

– Rianne Mitchell, protester

At the end of the day, racism is not a problem that’s exclusive and isolated to the United States. I think it’s a problem in humanity and something that needs to be addressed globally.

– David Hwang, protester

More than a hundred people gathered, and fortunately, even though the police were there, the protest was conducted peacefully.

Watch the full coverage by Arirang News below.

Source: ARIRANG News, Reuters, CNN, Ben Crump and Coconuts

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