South Korean national athlete asks fans to help spread message against homosexuality

A beloved national soccer player has gained attention after she took to her personal Facebook account for help to spread a message that spoke against homosexuality.

South Korean and national female soccer player Yeo Min Ji posted on May 4th, They’re having a survey about same sex marriage on KBS 1 radio right now, please message saying you’re against it . Text #9730 ‘I’m against same sex marriage.’ They did interviews on the streets and people are saying they are for it!! Please send your messages against it and tell your friends about it too!! If you love their souls and if you care about the future of this land, we have to stop homosexuality. The situation is graver than we thought. Please text and spread the word.”

Image capture from online community Instiz

The post received enough negative reaction that it has been taken down.

Since then, Yeo Min Ji has since published an apology post, writing, “On my way to the bus today, I received the previous post from a friend and without much thought and meaning, uploaded the post to my Facebook. After receiving many comments about it, I took a careful look and realized it wasn’t an issue I should have lightly intruded myself into. I am sorry to all those I have caused discomfort to and am sorry. I believe everyone’s opinion can be different and I apologize for my shortness of thought in uploading something I received without much thought and will not make another mistake like this again.”


Source: Instiz and Yeo Min Ji’s Facebook