South Koreans react to President-Elect Donald Trump

On Tuesday November 8, America chose their new President Elect Donald J. Trump. The next day Steve from Asian Boss took to the streets to get people’s opinions on Donald Trump.

On November 9 half the country woke up like this:


and half the country woke up like this:


and the rest of the world woke up like this:


All jokes aside, this is America’s future president and by now most people know how Americans feel about Donald Trump, but not many know how the rest of the world feels.

This is where Steve from the Youtube Channel “Asian Boss” comes in. He took to the streets in South Korea to get real reactions about what happened in America.

Initial reactions were that people were confused and upset and one guy even compared him to a manhwa character.

When asked if he will be a good president one woman was speechless while another man said, “If I had to say anything nice, I think he’ll be considerate to rich people and his policy will reflect that.”

One man admitted that he considers himself conservative but that even for him, Trump was too extreme. Others expressed concern that a Trump presidency might mean that their country would have to start defending itself.

They even addressed the fact that a lot of Americans wanted to move to Canada after elections and what that would mean to people’s perceptions of America now. As one guy points out, “America used to be the center of the world and now it feels like they are just a regional power like China.”

The world is closely watching what Donald Trump and the American government will do in the future because it can affect them as well. You can watch the full interview below.