Soya reveals that her uncle Kim Jong Kook inspired her to become a singer

Soya revealed that her uncle Kim Jong Kook is the one who inspired her to follow her path and dream as a singer.

On the March 16th episode of KBS 2TV‘s variety show Hello Counselor, Soya once again garnered attention for her kinship with Kim Jong Kook. As other cast members mentioned how different they looked, Soya commented, “He is my far uncle, so we don’t look alike.”

When the singer was asked whether she followed her uncle to become a singer, Soya answered, “My uncle debut as Turbo when I was five-year-old. I remember going to his studio while holding my mom’s hand. I don’t remember it then, but I started to dream of becoming a singer when I was in elementary school.”

Meanwhile, the episode star guested Kangnam, Minah of Girl’s Day, Insu, and Soya.

Source: Newsen