Soyou Had Her Bikini Pictures Photoshopped, But Not For The Reasons You’d Expect

It wasn’t to make her look skinnier.

SISTAR’s Soyou admitted that she had her bikini photos photoshopped during her pictorial with “Elle”, but it wasn’t to make her look skinnier.

During TALKMON, Soyou revealed that she had desperately wanted a nude photoshoot done while her body was at its peak beauty.

“I wanted to shoot a nude photoshoot while my body was at its peak. I wanted it for memory sake.

People thought, ‘Soyou shot a bikini photoshoot before’ but I actually hadn’t before at the time.”

— Soyou

But the label persuaded her out of it and suggested having a bikini pictorial done with “Elle”.

“My label stopped me because they were worried it would leak. I wanted to do it at least once in my life, so I desperately pleaded with them.”

She trained hard to look her best for the photoshoot, but it actually gave her the opposite results from what she was aiming for.

“I persuaded my label and got to shoot in a bikini. We went to shoot one in Bali last year. I lost a lot of weight for it. But I lost too much weight that the moisture from my face disappeared and I looked old.”

She lost so much weight that the director decided to photoshop her ribs to make it look healthier.

“There was a shoot where I had to lift my stomach but my ribs showed too much and they photoshopped it to look [healthier].”

— Soyou

Soyou agreed to photoshop it because she wanted to enforce healthy weight loss and body.

Everyone in the studio complimented her decision and admired her beautiful photos.

Watch Soyou confess about her story below: