Soyou Looks Hip And Trendy In Concept Photos For New Single “GOTTA GO”

Who’s ready for a Soyou comeback?

Recently, Starship Entertainment posted an announcement revealing that Soyou would be making a comeback with her new single GOTTA GO.

On July 20, Soyou revealed the first set of concept photos for her new single through her official Twitter page.

In the concept photos, Soyou revealed a more funky and sexy vibe through a patterned logo outfit and long straight black hair. The photos looked like something out of a fashion magazine and revealed a look that Soyou had not shown before.

Her new song “GOTTA GO” was produced by 55 (Arhur J, Francis) and expresses Soyou’s confident and charismatic image along with a unique and upbeat dance performance.

She released the first part of her solo album RE:BORN with the single “The Night” featuring Geeks. In 2018, she released the second part of her solo album RE:FRESH with the title song “All Night” which was her first dance track release as a solo artist.

Her new single GOTTA GO will release on July 28 at 6 PM KST.

Source: hankyung