Soyou Came Across A Total Surprise At Beach Clean-Up Day And Fans Are Shook

She was trying to help the environment.

Former SISTAR member Soyou did her part in trying to save the planet by spending her day at the beach cleaning up trash. She advocated her recent efforts to help Earth by posting an Instagram story about it, inspiring her fans to also do their share.


It was during this beach clean up that Soyou found something completely unexpected and surprising though. It was a water bottle that she had retrieved from the sea. While finding a water bottle floating around at the beach isn’t uncommon – considering the amount of trash contaminating the ocean – she was surprised because of the assumed origin of this bottle.


The brand “Shin Heung Spring Water”, as legible from the picture, actually does not exist in South Korea. In another story posted by Soyou, following the first one of the front of the bottle, she shared the back label details. The water bottle was manufactured in a city in North Korea and carried a phone number with an area code that also belongs to North Korea as well!

A water bottle that flowed in from North Korea.

— Soyou


Soyou’s Instagram followers remain mind blown by the fact that a North Korean bottle ended up all the way in the South, in Soyou’s hands. While amusing and all, Soyou’s underlying message is clear: The plastic waste – especially in the ocean – is a serious problem. Koreans are praising Soyou for her environmental awareness and for taking action to do something about the problem.

Source: THEQOO