Soyou’s Recent Outfit On Her Way To Music Bank May Be The Most Unique Fashion Ever To Be Challenged

Soyou’s known for her fashion-forward attitude and keen sense of current trends, but her latest appearance has raised more than a few eyebrows.

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Her status as a fashionista was confirmed when she was seen with one of the best airport fashions anyone’s ever seen!

… But netizens are calling her latest reach into her fashion-forward closet an overreach.

“What is that? It’s so weird.”


Soyou’s winter-appropriate layering took a unique turn when she wore a grey jaggedly cropped hoodie overtop a long beige coat, and paired the combination with burgundy pants and black high heels. 

Though some said they liked her burgundy pants, most netizens poked fun at her layering look and said that she does not look good in it at all!

“She just looks like someone out to throw out their garbage.”

— jinh****

As with many things in fashion, however, one never knows what will be the next big trend and who’s ahead of the curve.

Whether Soyou has just started a new trend or not, only time will tell, but one things for sure, she always looks gorgeous.

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Source: Nate Pann