[★BREAKING] Soyul Is Leaving Crayon Pop Permanently

Soyul has just now officially announced that she will be leaving Crayon Pop.

Despite Soyul leaving, Crayon Pop will NOT be disbanding as a group.

While the member’s contracts all officially expired, all of them except Soyul decided to renew with Chrome Entertainment.

The members will only be working with Chrome Entertainment for music.

They will work with other management companies for dramas, musicals, and plays.

“Soyul will be leaving the group but Geummi, Ellin, Choa and Way will be continuing as Crayon Pop. They will continue to perform and release albums.”

— Chrome Entertainment

“The members will not be extending their contracts with Chrome Entertainmennt, but have simply agreed to continue activities as Crayon Pop. Soyul has ceased all activities after giving birth so she cannot join the members in their future activities.”

— Chrome Entertainment

Soyul will be leaving the group only weeks after announcing she’s pregnant, with former H.O.T member Moon Hee Jun as the father.

The couple recently married soon after surprising everyone with news that they were dating.

Source: XSportsNews