Netizens Renew Calls For Boycott Over A New Report Alleging That Paris Baguette Representatives Attempted To Negotiate A Settlement On The Night Of Their Late Employee’s Funeral

“Because all of us weren’t in our right minds, I think they wanted to negotiate with us right there and then.”

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Paris Baguette and the franchise bakery’s parent company, SPC, have found themselves in further controversy over allegations that they had attempted to reach a settlement with the deceased employee’s parents on the night of her funeral.

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The Korean public’s anger with popular bakery franchise has reached a fever pitch after news reports alleged that the company had attempted to reach a settlement agreement with the deceased employee’s mourning parents on the night of their late daughter’s funeral.

This is another shocking allegation of Paris Baguette’s utterly dumbfounding mishandling of the death of a factory employee who was in her 20s.

Paris Baguette demonstrator | Kyung Hyang

According to an MBC news report, the mother of the late employee stated that representatives from the food conglomerate offered a settlement amount in exchange for not pressing any charges, whether it be in criminal or civil court.

They gave me a specific number… Because all of us weren’t in our right minds, I think they wanted to negotiate with us right there and then.

— Mother of the deceased employee

According to the report, the mother refused the settlement agreement and hired a lawyer the next day.

The allegations come at the heels of another poorly received gesture by Paris Baguette at the deceased employee’s funeral. Earlier, the bakery received heavy criticism for sending bread for funeral guests.

Huh Young In apologizes to public on October 21 | Kookmin Ilbo

The mother spoke with MBC reporters about the bread and stated her befuddlement in regard to the gesture.

How can they send bread from the place where she died? Does that make any sense?

— Mother of the deceased employee

Previously, a company representative spoke briefly about the ill-received company gesture.

It is part of a care package we send when an SPC employee or their family passes away. We will reflect deeply and work hard to prevent this from happening again.

— SPC representative

Netizens couldn’t hide their disdain for the company, with many recommitting themselves to the ongoing boycott with renewed vigor.

  • “I said I’m never going to eat Paris Baguette again.”
  • “Forever boycott.”
  • “Their daughter died, and they did that to her mother at the funeral? They aren’t even human. They do everything they shouldn’t and none of the things that they should have. I wonder how her mother feels…”
  • “Crazy baxxards.”
  • “Forever boycott.”
  • “I’m going to boycott them forever. If I see anybody buying bread from there, I’ll have to reconsider what I had previously thought of them.”
  • “I am at a loss for words…”
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