Special BTS Fan Cafe Exclusive Video Leaked, Big Hit Entertainment Responds

These paid contents have now gone viral on the internet and ARMYs are mad.

The Twitter hashtag “#ARMYsGoingToJailParty” is a thing now — because an exclusive BTS clip was leaked and sent around among fans who have not signed up to be a part of the official fan club and hence shouldn’t have had access to the video.


The leaked content is actually special paid content, provided only for fans who purchase the 5th ARMY Kit. “Unknown fans”, as named by Big Hit Entertainment, initially gained access to the material and posted the videos online to be shared with the rest of the world.

The videos captured the members interacting with each other and giving pecks on their cheeks.


Because this isn’t the first time exclusive BTS contents were leaked, the agency already has policies in place that enforce ARMYs to never share premium material. The latest leaks from the 5th ARMY Kit triggered the fan cafe members to rage all over Twitter and shoot down accounts that shared the video content.  


Some ARMYs are apologetic about the incident…


… while others still want to share.


There is also tension building between Korean ARMYs and international ARMYs, after the videos caused some disagreement on who and what may have initiated the leak.


While Big Hit Entertainment works on preventing such issues from happening again, BTS-loving ARMYs are coming together to learn from this incident.

“Let’s be adults and respect BTS and Big Hit Entertainment’s decision if some contents are meant to be for paid users only. It’s not that hard.”