Kim Bohyung Penned This Heartfelt Letter To Clarify What Is Really Happening To SPICA

SPICA‘s disbandment has been affecting everybody differently and Kim Bohyung decided to voice her thoughts on the matter in this handwritten letter to fans.

Recently, Kim Bohyung shared her side of the story as news of SPICA’s disbandment came through. She posted a handwritten letter to their fans on her personal Instagram account, and expressed her warm thoughts to their fans with the caption, “We will always be with you. You will be always in our heart. We always love you, Mercury.” 

She also gave details about SPICA’s disbandment through the letter and continued to post heartwarming photos of her time with the group.

Dear our lovely Mercury

First, I want to apologize to everyone who was surprised by the sudden articles coming out with our 5 year anniversary coming soon… After long discussions, the members all came to the conclusion that they want to focus on individual activities, and we are discussing with our company about cancelling/terminating our contracts. I felt bad, worrying about how our fans would feel after hearing the sudden news. But I also want to clear up the situation and give everyone the exact details, so I am speaking up now. For now, I can’t exactly say when SPICA will promote as 5 members again… but I want to emphasize that it is not the end! We will each show good images in our own places! Please cheer for each of the members! SPICA is very happy thanks to the memories Mercurys gave us for the past 5 years.. We were happy..! It’s something we cannot express with words.. constantly, always, we’ll be with Mercurys. I love you Mercury.

2, 3! Up until now, this has been SPICA.

-SPICA’s Kim Bohyung

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SPICA’s disbandment was confirmed on February 5. The group made their debut with Russian Roulette back in 2012 and have promoted together for the last five years. Although their contracts have yet to expire with CJ E&M and B2M Entertainment, the companies and the members continue to talk about their future plans after their disbandment.