The Spider-Man Movie Twitter Pays Homage To 2NE1 As The OG’s Of K-Pop And Praises EXO, BLACKPINK And More

Whoever’s running this Twitter has good taste!

K-Pop has garnered immense international attention, especially in the entertainment capital of the United States, that it’s impossible for people not to notice. Especially those on social media.

The Spider-Man Movie Twitter account has been busy promoting the latest movie Spider-Man: Far From Home which is the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming starring Tom Holland and Zendaya.

With one week left until the movie’s release in the United States, the movie’s social media accounts have been busy promoting the Spider-Man movie in some amusing ways.

One Twitter account asked if the Spider-Man Twitter stanned BTS. In response, the Twitter account gave a number of groups that they stan.

Yep. Though we’re also partial to EXO. Kinda how we love BLACKPINK but the OG’s were 2NE1

2NE1 and Spider-Man go way back, with 2NE1 being the official promoters of The Amazing Spider-Man back in 2012.

At the red-carpet event, the 2NE1 members had so much fun that the Spider-Man mascot even “saved” Dara.

It is awesome that the Twitter account was able to pay homage to a group that has had so much influence in the K-Pop industry, and has played a role in setting the foundation for the future success of other groups.

Furthermore, both EXO and BLACKPINK will be happy to know that they got a shoutout from another Marvel movie.

A clip of Thanos dancing along to BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” went viral earlier this year.

Fans will also be well aware of Chanyeol’s obsession with dressing up as Marvel superheroes, going as Iron Man at the 2017 SM Halloween Party and unfortunately missing out on going as Deadpool in 2018.

Since he’s already had a red carpet promotion with Zendaya, perhaps this could give a hint as to who he will be going as for this Halloween?

Understandably, the multistan runner of the Twitter account was swarmed by tweets from K-Pop fans asking for more information about their music tastes.

The Twitter account decided to end the discussion about their K-Pop biases.

But not before admitting that they have been stanning Sunmi for years.

K-Pop fans have truly infiltrated every sphere of the web!