Sports Donga discusses the reason behind Se7en’s departure from YG Entertainment

After being discharged from the military, much attention fell to Se7en and YG Entertainment‘s possible contract renewal. However, as the two sides announced their mutual decision to not renew, Sports Donga discussed the possible reasons behind it.

According to multiple entertainment employees, Se7en has been enjoying time off after his time in the army and met with YG Entertainment prior to the the Lunar New Year holidays. After much discussion, both parties were reassured of the fact that they genuinely cared for each other, yet, thought that forgoing the renewal of the contract would be the best decision.

For 2015, YG Entertainment announced plans multiple comebacks for their artists in store as well as plans to give maximum support and opportunities for their rookie group, WINNER. The agency is also extremely busy with iKON‘s debut and CL‘s American debut, while surprise comebacks or projects from other numerous artists are also definite possibilities.

This meant that the agency would not realistically be able to care for Se7en’s comeback. Se7en was aware of the situation and did not wish to pressure the agency nor did YG wish for Se7en to wait on their schedule. Meanwhile, Se7en plans to further enjoy his long-awaited rest without rushing into the music industry. The singer is to make his comeback and work with an individual or a party who possess great synergy along with him.

Meanwhile, although YG Entertainment and Se7en are to walk separate paths after 10 years of long friendship, the agency supports his current and future decisions.

Source: Sports Donga