Here Is The Exact Moment “Squid Game” Actor Anupam Tripathi Knew He Was Famous

After almost ten years in Korean dramas, he’s finally getting some credit!

When it first started airing, nobody expected the Netflix series Squid Game to have the success it gained worldwide. Overnight, the cast seemed to shoot to fame, and viewers worldwide suddenly knew about these actors who had previously only been known in Korea or by those who watched K-Dramas.

In particular, one actor who gained a lot of love for his role as Ali is Anupam Tripathi.

He recently appeared in a video with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany where they spoke about everything from how he was cast, the impact the show had on his life, and how he changed his mind about moving back to India.

In particular, Tiffany asked him if there was a time that he felt famous. Anupam showcased his humbleness, seeming very excited about having fans come up to him.

He explained that even on the day of filming, he had two fans come to ask him if he was Ali from Squid Game and took a photo with him. 

Yet, it also seemed as if it wasn’t the only time this happened. When Tiffany showed him a picture he shared with a group of children, he shared just how heartwarming he’d found the whole experience since the show aired.

The other day, I was just hanging out with a friend of mine in the playground, and a random kid came to me and said, ‘Uh, Mr Ali. Mr Ali,’ they shouted out. I really enjoyed that moment where I had a conversation with those children.

—  Anupam Tripathi

Yet, it wasn’t just as heartwarming as children coming up to him. Anupam Tripathi then revealed that the success of Squid Game went further than that and had impacted him professionally in both Korea and his hometown of India. More importantly, he had also had offers from Hollywood!

I filmed a commercial. Recently, a mobile app, a game, and a tech company, it was so fun shooting.

—  Anupam Tripathi

Yet, he isn’t the only Squid Game cast member who has seen their fame and popularity skyrocket. Jung Ho Yeon, who plays Sae Byeok, saw her Instagram followers increase and found herself the most followed Korean actress and received more offers despite being a rookie.

Leading actor Lee Jung Jae also saw his fame increase despite being a veteran in the trade. In particular, fans couldn’t get over just how handsome he was back in the day and have dug up old clips of him.

The main cast of “Squid Game” | @hoooooyeony/Instagram

With the show’s success still evident, there is no denying that the cast of Squid Game will continue to see their fame grow. After years of dedication and hard work, many netizens are glad to see Anupam Tripathi finally get some credit and the world is now his oyster!

You can watch the full video below.

Source: Mobidic

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