“Squid Game” Actor Anupam Tripathi Was Asked If He Would’ve Trusted Sangwoo Like Ali, Here’s What He Said

Ali trusted Sangwoo until the end, but what would Anupam have done?

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Recently, Indian actor Anupam Tripathi (who portrayed Ali in Netflix‘s Squid Game) was interviewed by Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany for YouTube channel Mobidic.

Tiffany (left) and Anupam Tripathi (right) | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

One of the burning questions Tiffany asked him was, “If you were in the game, would you have trusted Sangwoo in Marbles?

As viewers may know, one of the games in the K-Drama required them to play a match of marbles with a partner. They were free to choose the particular game to play, but the losing player was shot and killed.

Sangwoo tricked Ali into thinking there was a way for both of them to win. When Ali wasn’t paying attention, Sangwoo stole his marbles, replaced them with stones, and left him to die.

Anupam Tripathi didn’t have to think long about his reply. Like Ali, he would have trusted Sangwoo’s words.

I wouldn’t have had a choice but to trust him. What if I didn’t trust Sangwoo?

— Anupam

Feeling emotional after hearing his answer, Tiffany clarified, “So you would have trusted Sangwoo until the end?

Without a moment’s hesitation, he confirmed it.

I would have definitely trusted him.

— Anupam

Many viewers were heartbroken upon watching the scene where Ali realizes that Sangwoo betrayed him, even when he trusted him wholeheartedly. Hearing Anupam’s answer, it’s clear that he is similar to his character!

In the same interview, Anupam revealed that he originally planned to return to India for good after graduating from a Korean university. Find out why he changed his mind here:

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Source: YouTube

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