“Squid Game” Actor Oh Yeong Su Shocks With New Magazine Editorial That Truly Defies Gender Norms

From stilettos to handbags, the editorial had it all!

In 2021, the world of K-Dramas was turned upside down when Netflix‘s Squid Game took over the world. Almost overnight, the stars of the show were propelled to worldwide fame, being recognized wherever they went.

The “Squid Game” poster | Netflix

One of those stars who saw unexpected fame after decades in the industry is Oh Yeong Su, who played Oh Il Nam. Throughout the series, the actor shocked fans with his skills and unexpected character development.

Well, the actor has done it again after undergoing a serious transformation and throwing out all gender norms in a recent editorial.

Oh Yeong Su in “Squid Game” | Netflix

Well, October has also seen the 78-year-old actor gain attention for literally being the most badass person in his recent editorial for Arena Homme.

Yet, rather than a traditional photo shoot, Oh Yeong Su actually shocked fans when his pictures were a collaboration between the sports brand Adidas and luxury designer Balenciaga.

In one of the first shots, the veteran actor is sporting a red and white tracksuit. Yet, he threw all expectations out of the window, teaming them with black leather gloves and red stilettos.

| @arenakorea/Instagram

Throughout the images, the actor sported a style combining sports, youth, and gender-defying looks. Despite being nearly 80 years old, the actor easily put models to shame with his poses and seemed like he’s been doing it for years.

Along with the leather gloves and heels, Oh Yeong Su sported what seemed to be a striped handbag, showcasing that fashion really has no gender.

| @arenakorea/Instagram
| @arenakorea/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough to shake you to the core, the actor also wore an extremely tight Balenciaga x Adidas shirt. Oh Yeong Su proved that no matter how old you are, if you have confidence, you can wear anything.

| @arenakorea/Instagram

The final few images have a more traditional sports vibe, but the actor adds his own charming personality to the looks.

| @arenakorea/Instagram
| @arenakorea/Instagram

Korean society has often been seen as very traditional, and many have put it down to the views of the older generation. Yet, Oh Yeong Su has proved that it isn’t the case, not conforming to any gender stereotypes with his look.

Source: @arenakorea and @arenakorea 2

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