“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Once Cried Because She Thought Her Acting “Wasn’t Good Enough”

Here’s how the “Squid Game” cast reacted.

Jung Ho Yeon (who played Sae Byeok) impressed viewers with her incredible acting in Netflix‘s hit K-Drama, Squid Game. It’s almost mind-blowing that it was her acting debut!

The model-actress herself, however, had many doubts about her skills while filming the drama.

In an interview with Netflix Korea, Jung Ho Yeon revealed that she once talked about her insecurities with fellow cast members Kim Joo Ryoung (who played Mi Nyeo) and Park Hae Soo (who played Sang Woo).

Kim Joo Ryoung (left) and Park Hae Soo (right) | @kimjooryoung/Instagram

After filming had wrapped up one night, the three took a walk outside, and Jung Ho Yeon broke down in front of them. She opened up about feeling like her acting was lacking.

We walked at night after the shoot, and I cried, saying that my acting wasn’t good enough.

— Jung Ho Yeon

Kim Joo Ryoung and Park Hae Soo didn’t agree, and they refused to let her believe her own words a moment longer. They did their best to comfort her, and it helped cheer her up!

But they comforted me and said nice things. They cheered me up a lot.

— Jung Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon also expressed her worries to actress Lee Yoo Mi (who played Ji Yeong) while they were filming.

Lee Yoo Mi (left) and Jung Ho Yeon (right) | @leeyoum262/Instagram

Similar to the reactions of Kim Joo Ryeong and Park Hae Soo, Lee Yoo Mi was considerate, assuring her that her worries were unfounded. Lee Yoo Mi’s kind response made it easy for Jung Ho Yeon to trust her, and they still contact each other to this day!

When I talked to her about my acting worries, she was always very considerate, so we talked about a lot of stuff since I trusted her, so I think it all wrapped up nicely. I’m still thankful for her.

— Jung Ho Yeon

Jung Ho Yeon embodied her character so well that many viewers couldn’t help but root for her, so she had no need to worry about acting skills!

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