Jung Ho Yeon Reveals What Her Reaction Was To Getting The Role Of Kang Sae Byeok In “Squid Game”

“It was unspeakably big.”

Netflix‘s Squid Game made huge waves following its release and everyone can’t stop talking about it! From the K-Drama’s intensity to the unpredictable storyline, viewers are obsessed with it all, including its amazing cast.

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One cast member that got people talking is Jung Ho Yeon! Many people know about Jung Ho Yeon, not because of her acting career, but because she is a very well-known model!

Many found it amazing that Jung Ho Yeon was able to make her acting debut in such a successful drama and in her recent interview with W Korea, she shared what her reaction was to getting her role in Squid Game.

Jung Ho Yeon in “Squid Game” | Netflix

In her interview, it was mentioned how the drama was highly anticipated to be amazing even before its release. Jung Ho Yeon commented that she had just entered her new management agency and was surprised at how quickly she received work.

It was unspeakably big. In January of last year, I moved to the current actor management company, and at the time, I thought that the company would train me to some extent and then put me into work. However, in February, a group chat room including the CEO of the company was opened, and he gave me the script for ‘Squid Game’ and told me to film an audition video and send it. I was even in New York for New York Fashion Week! (Laughs).

— Jung Ho Yeon

Upon hearing that she received the part of Kang Sae Byeok, Jung Ho Yeon revealed she was happy, scared, and also confused as to why she was cast.

It was shocking. When the CEO said that I had been cast, the first thing I said was ‘Why?’ Even though I felt so happy, it seems that a greater fear came over me. ‘Thank you very much, can I do this?’

— Jung Ho Yeon

It’s evident that Jung Ho Yeon had nothing to worry about as she and the drama have both been thriving! We can’t wait to see what more she does in both her modeling and acting career!

Source: W Korea

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