“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Takes Over Calvin Klein’s Instagram For The Day

How cute is she!

Calvin Klein‘s been wilding out with their Instagram passwords lately. Just a few days ago, comedian and actor Pete Davidson and musician Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) took over Calvin Klein’s Instagram, posting pictures and going on live.

Now it looks like Calvin Klein’s passed their password onto “Squid Games” actress Jung Ho Yeon!

Her first post is just a couple hours after Calvin Klein tweeted hinting at the day’s festivities to come.

Lots of fans were quick to guess that it had something to do with “Squid Games” actress Jung Ho Yeon, especially because she had recently modeled in a Calvin Klein campaign. Some also guessed (and hoped) that it would be Jung Ho Yeon and BLACKPINK member Jennie.

While Jennie was not part of the Instagram takeover, Jung Ho Yeon certainly was!

Calvin Klein’s profile picture was also set to the actress as she went on Instagram Live at 9am EST, dancing in her Calvins.

She posted more pictures to Calvin Klein’s 21.5 million Instagram followers throughout the day.

Were you able to tune in for her live??

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