This “Squid Game” Behind-The-Scenes Secret Will Change The Way You Watch Jung Ho Yeon And Lee Yoo Mi’s First Meeting

This definitely makes the scene hit different. 😭

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Squid Game has become an international sensation, with fans from all walks becoming attached to the different characters competing in the game. This attachment has grown into a real-life love for the actors who play their faves.

Fans have specifically fallen for the heartbreaking onscreen relationship between Saebyeok and Ji Yeong and the adorable off-screen friendship of actors Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi.

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During the show’s sixth episode, Gganbu, the pair end up dueling each other at marbles with Ji Yeong, crushingly choosing her fate for Saebyeok’s sake.


While some might assume that this would be Lee Yoo Mi’s final scene on set, she revealed that her actual final scene came much earlier in the same episode.

Before the marbles game, when I said ‘Play with me’, that was actually my last scene.

— Lee Yoo Mi

She also revealed that because she and Jung Ho Yeon had already filmed their heaviest scenes together, returning to the beginning of the relationship proved emotionally devastating.

She explained that the pair struggled to hold it together while filming, even acting while holding back tears.

We were already too immersed with the feelings during that scene. We weren’t supposed to cry but our eyes were already teary.

— Lee Yoo Mi

Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi already have one of the most emotionally powerful relationships in the show but to learn that their character’s first interaction was the actors’ last time interacting makes the moment even more powerful.

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