Here’s The Hilarious Blooper From “Squid Game” That Actually Made It Into The Series

Did you notice it?

Since it started airing, the Netflix K-Drama Squid Game has caught the attention of fans worldwide for its dark storyline and violent nature, carefully represented in the characters, setting, and dialogue.

With all of the hard work and thought that went into the show, it is easy to assume that everything was meticulously planned and controlled. Yet, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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In a recent interview with Netflix Korea, some of the actors and production crew sat down and discussed different aspects of the show, from the set, actors, and behind-the-scenes stories. During the video, the guests spoke about some of the scenes that stood out most to them and why.

In particular, the director Hwang Dong Hyuk spoke about the first time viewers got to see Sae Byeok, played by Jung Ho Yeon, and her interaction with Seong Gi Hun, played by Lee Jung Jae.

According to the director, it seems as if this scene was full of unplanned ad-libs, showcasing just how talented the actors in the series are.

Him (Lee Jung Jae) running into Sae Byeok, and him being busy but still kindly picking up her coffee, there were many detailed expressions ad-libbed into one shot.

— Hwang Dong Hyuk

Although it was not planned, Hwang Dong Hyuk added that each character had their own interpretation of their role with their twist in certain scenes. It was this authenticity that made fans fall in love with the show.

If the ad-libs weren’t enough in the scene, after Lee Jung Jae’s character helped Jung Ho Yeon’s character up, another part of the scene wasn’t actually scripted. It was the moment Lee Jung Jae put the straw back in the coffee cup!

Yet, if fans hadn’t noticed the unexpected gesture, the two main actors pointed out one part of the scene, which fans would probably not have noticed but showcased the spontaneity of the action. It was Jung Ho Yeon laughing after Lee Jung Jae ran away!

However, Hwang Dong Hyuk explained that they kept the scene because “It was too good to go to waste.”

Even Lee Jung Jae didn’t realize he had done it at the time but thought it reflected the heroic side to his character.

As expected, with a show full of amazing actors and concepts, these small details might seem minor but add to the core storyline, making viewers fall in love with the characters.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Netflix Korea

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