Here’s How The Cast Of “Squid Game” Think They Would Do If They Actually Took Part In The Game In Real Life

Could you do it?

When the new Netflix series Squid Game started to gain popularity, it might have been noticed for its dark storyline and violent nature, but viewers fell in love with the simplicity of the games. With a number of recognizable children’s games, it brought back a wave of nostalgia.

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Even though the games seem fairly simple, it is far from a fun day out with your friends with the added threat of death. It seems like the cast has been thinking about what would happen if they took part.

The cast recently sat down with The Swoon and tried to make some dalgona biscuits like in the series. Yet, as expected, they were given questions at the same time that really gave fans an in-depth look behind the scenes of the show.

In particular, the cast was asked which game in the series they think they would be most confident at!

The first person to answer was Wi Ha Joon, known as the police officer Hwang Jung Ho. As expected from his physique and roles in various K-Dramas, Ha Joon pointed out that he was extremely athletic and probably would excel at all of the games.

I’m good at running. I think I’m good at physical activities. Since I was little, I was pretty athletic…

— Wi Ha Joon

Like Wi Ha Joon, actress Jung Ho Yeon, who plays Sae Byeok, thought that her experience would help her excel in the games like her character. Yet, there was one game in particular that she thought would be right up her alley if she took part, and it was “Red Light, Green Light.”

Starting her career as a model, Jung Ho Yeon explained that it would help her in the game, adding, “I know how to remain still.”

As seen by his strength in the first game, Anupam Tripathi, who plays Ali, picked the tug-of-war game, explaining, “I can do that for sure!” If he used the techniques recommended by Player 001 in the show, he would definitely be at an advantage.

Although we hope that the cast never has to be in a situation where they need to appear in a real-life Squid Game, it is no surprise that they have their own characteristics and skills that would help them get through the game.

You can watch the whole video below.’

Source: The Swoon

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