Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge” Villain Is Innocent? Burger Thief Responds To Hate

She explained what really happened.

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Netflix‘s reality show spin-off of the Korean thriller series Squid Game, Squid Game: The Challenge, recently premiered. While there are no best friends literally stabbing each other in the back or killing, there are “villains,” according to the internet.

Player 097, Jada, dubbed by the internet as the “Hamburglar,” is one of these villains.


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She has garnered attention for “stealing” a hamburger that Player 198, Husnain, won. In one episode, Husnain won burgers and fries, and many contestants rushed over, grabbing the foods.

Jada stood out, though, as she took an entire burger off the tray. Netizens were upset at her, calling her out as a “hypocrite” because previously, she frowned upon Player 161, Lorenzo, for eating multiple plates of food in an early episode.


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Jada has also been receiving an increase of hate comments on her social media posts recently.

So, Jada has now spoken up in her own defense. She explained that she and Lorenzo are actually friends! They were in a secret alliance.


As for #burgergate, Jada revealed that Husnain actually couldn’t eat the burger because he is Muslim, and the burger was not Halal.

Jada also shared a video, giving an in-depth explanation. She explained that she only ate a bite because she still felt guilty. So, she shared it with others.


the hamburglar speaks 🤣 but fr this is the first & last time ill be entertaining such hatred for a small incident on a tv show. I 100% agree that i shouldnt have grabbed the burger, but being in an environment like that, made many of us do things we’d never thought. it should always go without saying that theres more to the story than what you see to create a narrative. things are edited to look more than what they are. I went on there to share my story that was shown for a bit in episode 5, but the only focus has been this damn burger🤣. please know that there are real humans recieving the other end of this… nothing is THAT serious fr 🙃 #squidgamesthechallenge #squidgames #netflix #097 #itsjadasasha

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Other witnesses have also spoken up in her defense. They testified to what they witnessed because Netflix heavily edits context.


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Jada is innocent!

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