No One Can Escape The “Squid Game” Episode 6 Feels, Especially Actor Anupam Tripathi 

We’re still crying over this episode!

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It’s safe to say that Squid Game has taken the world by storm with its mix of bright settings and dark plots. The show has proven its unique ability to show humanity in even the most bizarre of situations which creates an attachment to many of its characters. No episode proved this better than the notorious episode 6, “Gganbu.”


The episode has gained a reputation for making the strongest of K-Drama fans shed tears. It has many of the show’s most beloved characters facing off in a game of marbles where only one player can survive. With the stakes so high, fans were sure to see some of their favorites perish.

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Unfortunately, one of the most relatable characters lost was Anupam Tripathi‘s Abdul Ali. As hard as it was for fans to watch his character’s ending, it may have been hardest on the actor himself.

My last scene was the hardest because it was when we built this close friendship but only one person could survive, so it felt like I was making the decisions for real. I thought, ‘Could I really make that decision?’ I thought, ‘Could I really do it?’

— Anupam Tripathi

Not only did Anupam Tripathi live out the episode as Abdul Ali, but he also experienced its heartbreak as a fan, specifically for Lee Yoo Mi‘s Ji Yeong.

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When discussing his favorite scene, he couldn’t help but give props to both Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Ho Yeon for their performances, saying, “The scene where Ji Yeong drops her marble is really good.”

He continued to shower his fellow actors with praise, adding, “Their acting was so outstanding that I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.”

Squid Game has continually proven itself worthy of rewatching, even if it will make you cry. To read more behind-the-scenes details from Anupam Tripathi, check out the article below:

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