“Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Details Her Method To Get Into The Character Of Sae Byeok

She revealed how she did her best to become Sae Byeok!

Squid Game is currently gaining a lot of attention for its unique plot and cast, and Jung Ho Yeon is one actor from the show who’s garnering a huge fan following!

Jung Ho Yeon | ELLE Korea

Jung Ho Yeon plays the role of Kang Sae Byeok, a North Korean defector, and wowed audiences with her incredible acting skills. A model-turned-actress, Squid Game was Jung Ho Yeon’s debut as an actress, and it’s safe to say that she absolutely crushed it!

In a recent interview, Jung Ho Yeon talked about the show and the character, and revealed that before taking on the persona of Sae Byeok, she was a much different person, and had nothing in common with her character!

Before meeting Sae Byeok, I was more of a self-centered person. This might have been the biggest hurdle for me to overcome when playing the character. I tried many ways to become the real Sae Byeok, and writing a diary was one of them.

—Jung Ho Yeon

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Jung Ho Yeon then shared how the character influenced her, instilling a greater sense of value in her about how there is “value to sacrificing oneself for others at times.”

Fans and viewers worldwide can’t wait to see what Jung Ho Yeon comes back with next!

Source: The Korea Herald

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