Old Footage Of “Squid Game” Actress Jung Ho Yeon Resurfaces, Showcasing The Real Success Of The Show

What a difference a few months can make!

Since it started airing, the Netflix series Squid Game has gained unexpected success. With its dark storyline and violent nature, viewers became attached to the characters in the show and their stories. In particular, actress Jung Ho Yeon, who plays Sae Byeok, has seen her fame catapult since her appearance on the show.

Jung Hoyeon in “Squid Game” | Netflix

Before starting her career in acting, Jung Ho Yeon was known for her modeling career and often traveled the world showcasing her visuals. She would also be featured on videos on the YouTube channel of her company Saram Entertainment.

In particular, one video has resurfaced from a few months ago that gained the attention of netizens. The video was a vlog from Jung Ho Yeon released in June, only a few months before Squid Game was released.

At the start of the video, Jung Ho Yeon introduced herself and her career. Yet, it was the words she used that attracted attention.

Hello, I’m Jung Ho Yeon. Of course, you guys don’t know who I am. I’m just one person who was working as a model and recently started acting. Yeah, I’m just one of those people. I’m not really anybody. Nice to meet you.

— Jung Ho Yeon

During the video, as well as introducing herself, she also showed viewers her mother and grandmother. It was definitely adorable seeing all of the magazines of Jung Ho Yeon they had and just how supportive they had always been.

Although viewers loved watching the video, her initial remarks caught their attention because fast forward to September, and Jung Ho Yeon is one of the most famous actresses in the world. In the comments, fans couldn’t hide their shock at just how much difference a few months could make.

Since the show started airing, Jung Ho Yeon has seen her fame skyrocket.

Before Squid Game, she had an impressive 400,000 followers on Instagram. Yet, as soon as the show began airing worldwide and gaining love from viewers, this grew at an unprecedented level as she is currently at over 20 million followers, making her the most followed Korean actress on Instagram, beating the previous record-holder Lee Sung Kyung.

| @hoooooyeony/Instagram

Although Squid Game might have been her acting debut, there is no denying that she made an impact. Considering she has shone so early in her acting career, there is no doubt that the world is her oyster. You can watch the whole video below!

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