“Squid Game” Actress Lee Yoo Mi Is Driving Fans Insane In “All Of Us Are Dead”

Her characters are total opposites.

Squid Game actress Lee Yoo Mi is rising from the grave as a much different character in All of Us are Dead!

Last year, Lee Yoo Mi played Ji Yeong, Player 240. Prior to entering Squid Games‘ deadly competition, Ji Yeong was released from prison for killing her abusive stepfather.

Lee Yoo Mi in Squid Game | Netflix

In the show’s most heartwrenching episode, Ji Yeon struck up an unlikely friendship with Player 067, Kang Sae Byeok (Jung Ho Yeon).

| Netflix 

In the end, Ji Yeong sacrificed herself to give her new friend a second chance at life.

Lee Yoo Mi with Jung Ho Yeon | @leeyoum262/Instagram

Ji Yeong was one of the most beloved characters in Squid Game, but Lee Na Yeon is a totally different story! In All of Us are Dead, Lee Yoo Mi plays a Class 2-5 student who is as rich as she is unlikeable.

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Unlike Ji Yeong, Na Yeon wouldn’t dream of taking a bullet for a friend! She’s way too selfish for that. This “golden spoon” has a habit of guilt-tripping and manipulating others…because her peers don’t have enough to deal with in a zombie apocalypse.

Lee Yoo Mi with her castmates behind the scenes of “All of Us are Dead.” | @leeyoum262/Instagram

In fact, Na Yeon and Ji Yeong are such polar opposites that it’s hard to believe they’re played by the same actress. Fans are now praising Lee Yoo Mi’s acting skills…while cursing out Na Yeon!

Watch the trailer here:

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