“Squid Game” Actress Lee Yoo Mi Shows Off Her Unbelievable Duality And Doll-Like Visuals In Latest Instagram Posts

It is a world away from the green tracksuits!

It seems as if a day doesn’t go by without someone mentioning the new Netflix series Squid Game. The show’s cast has also gained a recent surge of fame and interest from fans worldwide with unprecedented fame.

One character who has been gaining a lot of love despite only appearing for a few episodes is Ji Young, played by actress Lee Yoo Mi! Alongside her on-screen chemistry with Jung Ho Yeon, fans have loved getting to know the actress!

Lee Yoo Mi (left) and Jung Ho Yeon (right) | @leeyoum262/ Instagram

Many fans will have only seen Lee Yoo Mi in her green tracksuit like the rest of the cast. Yet, she has recently gained attention from fans worldwide after posting pictures on her Instagram ahead of the Busan International Film Festival.

Although her visuals shone through the show, her recent updates had fans gushing as she wore a plain black dress with her hair pinned up for the event.

| @leeyoum262/ Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, despite her nerves shown in the photo’s caption saying, “I was so nervous, I think I left my soul in Busan,” she looked flawless during the event and definitely impressed with her visuals and unrivaled charisma.

| @leeyoum262/ Instagram
| @leeyoum262/ Instagram

For many fans who were used to seeing Lee Yoo Mi wearing minimal makeup for the show, it was a shock for them to see her dressed like this. In particular, fans couldn’t stop praising the show’s stylists who managed to take visually stunning actors and actresses and make them look like ordinary people.

It also isn’t the first time the cast has been noticed for their visuals. From Jung Ho Yeon to Lee Jung Jae, fans can’t get over their transformation from top-grade visuals to looking like people who have suffered to the point where they are willing to die for money.

Some of the cast of “Squid Game” | @leeyoum262/ Instagram

Although Lee Yoo Mi has been acting for a while, Squid Game has definitely increased her popularity, and hopefully, fans can see more of her in the future.

You can read more about Lee Yoo Mi below!

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Source: @leeyoum262 and Insider

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